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Top secret business plans are many times dirty games | My business knowledge

Any business has strategies and plans in its lifetime and sometimes these can be part of a dirty game which can include bribery and corruption.

Let’s get a company named X and imagine that 10 years ago it had a business plan to produce a very good shampoo, and sell it worldwide.

The product was of a very good quality and in the next years the company name became a well known brand.

Sells increased and the target was achieved year after year.

Now, let’s get the time back to the planning moment and its strategy.

A company decided to produce a very good quality shampoo to sell it word wide and it did that but the plan had a hidden strategy for the long term.

The business plan

Worldwide is a very big number of people with the problem of losing hair (baldness)

Who can’t guaranty that this people didn’t washed their hair with the shampoo sold by the company X for a long period of time.

Who can assure the consumers that this product does not have a secret substance that can affect the scalp in a way that will make the hair fall after a long and constant use?

Probably nobody!

If a secret substance that can affect people negatively will be present in the product, then this will be a top level secret.

If this secret substance will exist it will probably be very hard to be discovered as its effect will only appear in a few years time to any customer who used it.

In this period of time, even if a patient discovered that he was affected by the use of a specific substance, it will be already too late to remember where the problem came from. It can presume it’s genetic, or because of alimentation, or a lot of other illness, stress, medication or substances from some certain products.

And now let’s imagine what the actual big hidden plan of the company, was initially, before anything else.

The big business plan was to train doctors for hair implants and open big hospitals across the world where bold people will be able to gain back their hair on the head, but all of this at a cost a lot bigger than the price of any good quality shampoo.

The company knew from the beginning what the target of the plan will be.

They sold a good quality product to gain the trust of potential customers.

At first, the shampoo was good and with the short time effect desired.

The product was in this secret business plan, used as a bite

A cheap bite that had the plan to bring big sales from hair implant.

If a shampoo is sold for something between £1 and £10 or whatever other value, a hair implant is £2000 to £5000 or more, depending of the baldness level and the clinic where is happening.

All this story is from the author imagination as a potential cause of baldness that increased a lot in the last years, but businesses strategies and plans still exist and they will not be always fair.