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The virus-business conspiracy and the vaccine

I recently heard on the radio that we might have a vaccine for coronavirus even before Christmas 2020. In that news, a few pharmaceutical companies have been mentioned as having a promising solution  [...]

GDPR meaning and role

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an institution that has the role to protect Personal Data of EU citizens involved into any organization activity.  According to GDPR [...]

Working from Home Advantages / Disadvantages for Employees and Companies

Since COVID-19 came into our lives, different advantages and disadvantages affected companies around the world that had to adapt to working from home, the new working style imposed by the governments [...]

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the way of masking illegal money and its source, making them appear as coming from a legitimate and legal source while being placed in a different business. Enormous amount [...]

Bribery and Corruption

What is bribery? When an official or a person in charge of a public or legal duty is taking a decision influenced by receiving or soliciting an item or value, from another person is named as Bribe [...]

Sponsored business invitations to affiliate

You might often see on social platforms like Facebook or Youtube, videos with are inviting the viewer to create its own business and earn more money by working from home and being its own boss.  [...]

Top secret business plans are many times dirty games

Any business has strategies and plans in its lifetime and sometimes these can be part of a dirty game which can include bribery and corruption. Let's get a company named X and imagine that 10 year [...]

A business story about a perfume and how a higher price increased the sells

I heard a business lesson under the shape of a story many years ago, which had as subject the selling of a perfume at a price bigger than the initial price decided by the company. You might alread [...]

Facebook can help grow your business but it can also ruin it

I know, we all know…Facebook changed the internet and our lives from the first years of its existence When all of this started? Facebook was launched in July 2003 with an initial name as FaceMa [...]

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